The First Law of Success:  Love
“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”
– Galatians 6:7

Every person on Earth has the power of success hidden deep down inside of them.  People often imagine that their pains of poverty and failure are caused by their circumstances or are the result of others.  This is not true.  You are responsible for both your successes and your failures.

Locked away inside the mind of every man and woman are secrets that can be used to attain success, happiness and a better life.  But what are these laws?

Love is the First Secret of Success
The most powerful law of success is that of love and good will towards others.  How does this translate into success?  The ability to get along with others is one of the most desired traits in business.  Disharmony in the work place leads to all sorts of problems that can quickly magnify into trouble.  What is the cause of these “personality” problems?

Everyone in life is burdened with a number of sins – greed, selfishness, jealousy, resentment, judgment, cruelty, etc.  People love to gossip, and spread negative rumors.  It seems that there is always a person that doesn’t get along with someone else in the work place.  These negative traits are a great source of trouble and they will destroy your ability to succeed in life.

To fix all of these problems, you need to deliberately turn love on, and direct good feelings towards others – especially to those you don’t even like.  When you do this, you will unearth practical results.  Scientists have discovered that you can bombard people, situations and circumstances with love in order to dissolve unpleasant circumstances.

Begin to render love through everything that you do.  This will bring about a powerful reaction in others.

The Law of Compensation
You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You can’t get something for nothing.”
This simple law can be better explained by the idea that you reap what you have sown.  Scientists describe this law as that of action and reaction.  This applies to everything that you do in life.  Watch your thoughts, attitudes, desires and your actions.

You Must Radiate Success in Order to Attract Success
Another way to think of how this law works is that you must radiate in order to attract.  You will always attract the types of things that you radiate.
So if you radiate, fear, anxiety, depression, thoughts of lack and poverty, or if you radiate anger, resentment and hatred, you will attract the same kinds of things into your life.  On the other hand, if you radiate love, kindness, forgiveness, and positive attitudes, you will attract these same things into your life.  Everyone uses the power of radiation and attraction without knowing it.  What are you radiating?
Are you a complainer?  Do you have a bad attitude?  Do you constantly think about how you can’t succeed, about how someone has harmed you, or about how the world is against you?  Or do you spend your time thinking about better things?

Carefully guard your thoughts, feelings, desires and actions.
You will always attract what you radiate.

Giving & Receiving
Keep in mind that if you give in order to get, or give with an expectation of receiving, then it may not work at all. You must give freely of yourself to others without expectation of anything in return. This will open the doors of abundance from the universe.

Sowing & Reaping
Imagine planting seeds, and then taking care of them, watering and weeding the garden of success every day. One day you will see a rich harvest of the results of your labor.

Every time you talk to someone, every time you deal with people, keep in mind what kinds of thoughts, feelings and actions you are putting out.  Do you spend your time talking about how bad things are?  If you don’t have something good to say about a situation, event or another person, do not say anything at all.  On the other hand, how helpful are you towards others?  Are you a kind person?

Remember that values such as forgiveness, kindness, friendliness, and love are always planting seeds that will one day grow into success.

Doing More Than Paid For
This first law of success translates into the concept of doing more than you are paid for.  When you render more service or better service than what you are being paid for, you will stand out from those around you.  Most people do just what is required of them and no more.  When you do more than what you are paid for, you will gain a good reputation and people will begin to seek you out.  In addition to a favorable reputation, you will also gain strength in what you do through the improvement of the skills that you are using.  When you do more than you are paid for, there will be little competition for your services.

Love of Work

Work is really an expression of love.  Your attitude towards your work will deeply affect how successful you will be in life.  When one loves his work, he will work longer and harder without thinking about it, and he won’t tire easily.  When one hates his work, everything will be difficult and fatigue will come quickly.

Above all, you should seek out the type of work that you love to do.  Also, if you are involved in work that you love, or if you are doing work for someone that you love, it will always be easier.  If you are involved in work that you despise, consciously direct good feelings towards it and it will be less difficult.  If you serve an ungrateful boss, do more and more.  This will put the universe in your debt. Energy will always find a way to manifest itself.

Be Deliberate About Success
Deliberately radiate good through all of your thoughts actions and deeds and it will attract good to you.  Those who don’t do this will tend to fall into the trap of limited thoughts and this will produce limited results in life.  But if you make the choice about deliberately producing successful results by policing your mind, thoughts and actions, you will see definite results that will lead you to the success you have always wanted.

You Are Magnetic
The first law of success will turn you into a magnet that will attract success into your life.  The thoughts, feelings and attitudes that you project will come back to you, whether they are negative or positive.  Everything begins with your mind, emotions and attitudes.  You will still need to take action to succeed, but everything will work better once you clear your mind of all negativity and begin to fill it with positive goals.

Put yourself ahead in the world by first helping others to get ahead.  Take the initiative, follow it with aggressive actions, always do more than you are paid to do and you will soon find that your life is filled with prosperity and success.

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