Why Duplication Fails

Many have said that one of the secrets to success is to duplicate yourself.

Unfortunately, many people seem to have difficulty doing this.  No matter how simple you can design the process, there will always be people that just can’t seem to reproduce what you do.

Why does this happen?

The reason duplication fails so often is because 90% of success depends upon how you use your mind.

Not everyone has a “success” mentality.  Everyone has varying degrees of desire, belief and expectancy about their ability to succeed.

No matter how many times people hear that “Think and Grow Rich” is the secret to success (ie, you must condition your mind to succeed), they still spend all their time on the HOW instead of spending time developing their mind, their thoughts, and their beliefs.

If you want to have better success at duplicating yourself, you need to teach your team to VISUALIZE THEMSELVES AT HAVING ARRIVED AT THEIR GOAL.

Duplication will work better when everyone in the team:

1. Has a set of written goals.

2. Spends time every day visualizing their goals, as if they already have it.

3. Take action.

Remember:  Success depends upon how you use your mind.


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