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The Silva Method

This is a personal endorsement of one of the best personal development courses available anywhere.

The Silva Method is the best class anyone can take. You will learn exactly how to translate the ideas expressed in Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich” into real results.

Anyone serious about creating a successful future needs to take this course.

Here is their website:


How to Keep Your Computer Happy

Computer problems can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with today.

When I worked as a computer tech, I learned how to eliminate 90% of computer problems (unless it is hardware related – if smoke is coming out of your computer, this won’t help).  It is sad that the companies that sell computers don’t tell people about these simple things to do…

Here is how to keep your computer happy:

· Download these free programs:

Every week, run a scan with each of these programs (or do it every day).

Do not run these programs at the same time.

  • Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Ad Aware by Lavasoft
  • AVG (get the free version)

· Turn off all the programs that try to load when you boot:

Go to: Start –> Run –> msconfig (type in)

With most of these items turned off, your computer will boot faster, and it will run better. When the computer has too many programs to run at once, they can fight with each other, or cause other problems.

System Configuration Utility (Do this after Windows Updates)

  • General (tab)

Change to: Selective Startup

  • Startup (tab)

Uncheck most of the listed items.

This will not harm your computer.

If you need something, you can always come back here and turn it back on.

· Keep (do not uncheck):

Scan Registry

System Restore


Wireless (HP wireless assistant, etc)

Antivirus (avgtray, etc)

Important driver files (DriverUpdaterPro, etc)

Anything that you obviously use (mouse, etc)

· Turn off (uncheck):

Messenger programs (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, etc)

Microsoft Office (you can still open it manually)

Adobe Acrobat (you can still open it manually)

· Disk Cleanup (1x/week)

Go to: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools

–> Disk Cleanup

Put a check in all the boxes and click YES.

· Delete Temporary Internet Files (1x/day)

· Internet Explorer

Tools –> Internet Options

–> Delete Cookies, Delete Files (Delete all offline content), Clear History.

· Mozilla Firefox

Tools –> Options –> Privacy (tab)

–> Always clear private data when you close Firefox (select) –>

Clear Now –>OK

Disclaimer:  Althought all attempts are made to provide accurate, current and reliable information, you should recognize the possibility that errors may occur.  You are strongly encouraged to do a full backup of your data and system before doing anything.  The author of this paper shall under no circumstances be responsible for data loss or system failure.

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