Karma x2

A beach in Thailand.

So a year ago, I was sitting on a beautiful beach in Thailand, drinking coconut milk out of a coconut.  My pretty Thai girlfriend was feeding me fresh mango and pineapple and looking out at the sun shining down on the water.

I was sitting there, enjoying the relaxed drum beat of the turquoise ocean, and then suddenly – VRRRROOOOOOOOOOM!!!! – a jet ski swept by!

My girlfriend said, “Ba!” (this mean’s “Let’s go!” in Thai).

Since it was only $25 to rent a jet ski, I agreed!

Jomtien Beach, Thailand

So we’re whishing around the ocean, splashing water behind us and really enjoying ourselves, and then we pass this empty jetski which was bobbing up and down on the waves….

We looked around, and lo!  We saw a man in the water waving at us.  We sped over to him, thinking warm thoughts of rescue….

The man (who happened to be from England, and owned a gym), was having an ashma attack and had fallen off into the ocean…

We offered to give him a lift, but when he tried to climb on our jet ski, he flipped us over!  (My girlfriend only weights 40kg and I’m not too big either).

Now… I’m not as good a swimmer as I used to be –  thanks to EVOLUTION – so even though we managed to climb back onto the jet ski after righting it, we looked down at the poor man having the ashma attack in the ocean and we offered to try again.  Now, as I had mentioned, he owned a gym in England, and he weighed more than both Lek and I (Lek is the name of my girlfriend).  So we flipped over again!

This time, sadly, I managed to twist my knee badly.  So we got back onto the jet ski again and waved a boat over to help the man out of the water.  Back on shore, I discovered that I had a bad sprain…

A few hours and $300 later (did I mention how inexpensive Thai hospitals are?) I found myself being treated very well by everyone, as I had a fine set of cruches to go with the bandage around my knee.

So although we did save a man’s life, I managed to get double karma points when I injured myself in the process.

Moral of the story?

Be careful who you try to help.

In terms of running a business, you have to be very careful who you decide to work with.  If you choose the wrong people, you may find yourself wasting valuable time.  More importantly, your optimistic emotions could be drained away, along with your enthusiasm.

Will I go back to Thailand and rent another jet ski?

You bet.


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